Hailing from Ballina, a small but lively town on Ireland's wind-swept Atlantic coast, Kenneth Hennigan was immersed in rich musical tradition from an early age. His father was an active member of the local traditional Irish music scene and Kenneth would often find himself joining in the many trad sessions that would spontaneously kick off in the family home.

It wasn't until he picked up the guitar as a teenager that Kenneth found his voice as a singer-songwriter. Following several years playing in the local music scenes in Dublin and Iceland, he struck up a great partnership with violin virtuoso Dan Cassidy - brother of the late singer Eva Cassidy ('Song Bird') - and together they toured in America and Europe to wide acclaim.

In 1999 Kenneth moved to Rome to be with his beloved wife Rita where he continues to write and record songs. He has performed on stage in London (The Blag Club, The Dublin Castle), Ireland (The Cobblestone Bar, Sin É), and Rome ( The Place - supporting Marco Fabi, Lian Club, The Druid's Rock), and has been interviewed on various radio programmes showcasing up and coming acts, including On The Verge on Dublin South FM and Alta Fedelta' with Fabio Luzietti on Rome's Radio Città Futura.

Following the folkie acoustica of his earlier recordings, Kenneth's style has matured towards an indie-rock slant mixing catchy melodies with sincere and soulful vocals,inspired by diverse elements such as the Beatles, Turin Brakes, U2 and Radiohead.
On the music page you can listen to solo tracks as well as recordings with pianist and composer Gabriele Palmieri and some experimental tracks recorded in 2009 with the now defunct Dog Day.

In early 2011, Kenneth will move to London to continue his career.

Ken Singing